Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Got addicted with Lookbook

So how did my addiction started? It all began when my sister told me to try it. Yes, those two words "try it". She told me that it's a site where people showcase their individuality and style. And that when people like it, they will hype your look. And you can even send them messages. Also, if they will love your taste of fashion then they will fan you. Moreover,  befriend you....Sounds great so I gave a hell of a try. Turned out that, I loved it. I became a lookbook user thereafter and "lookbooks" perpetually.

My first look was shot in Clark Quay located in Singapore. In fact, it was memorable for after the photoshoot, the CASHCAB (a show seen in AXN Asia) crew ambushed me and my friend with their cameras. Yes, I was seen in TV for the first time. And wearing my first look "record breaker". LOL...Found it funny y'know and still chuckles every time I remember it because I was like I don't know what's going on. That I want to ran but I can't for I'll look more hilarious if I'll do so....Hence, I played it cool. If you have seen it, my answer was Chicago Bulls. You see, the question was what is MJ's team..? After that, I signed a contract consenting them to broadcast the episode. I was hoping that no one sees it but somebody did--my batchmate in college--and the news spread like an epidemic that almost all of my friends knew 'bout it and some saw me on air. Deep inside I was embarassed but it turned out to be cool so I started feeling the other way around. Oh yeah! I was like a celebrity waylaid by paparazzi and reporters. LOL. Here it is guys....

My second look is simple but the hat just made it extra cool hence the name "Making simple things look cool".

The third look "Bringing out the prince in me" and my fourth look "Travel in style" are my favorites because I used my creativity here and that is making something out of something. In fact, 'twas a challenge for me for I'm not a fashion designer. But my imagination of how I should look like wearing those helped me. Making an old and unused clothes to something that is trendy and classy....Not only that, it's something that I can brag of as a Filipino for I'm wearing a Barong Tagalog. It's not to disgrace my culture rather to wear it with style and elegance.

Urban max is the name of my fifth look. It's quite cool actually. Love the polo coz of the hood.

Then, I got too busy to pose LOL...Instead, I posted "old-brand-new-taken" photos: Name it classy but spell it classy (sixth look), Flaunty pose while it's summer (7th look), and Apollo13s camouflage: Fly me to the moon (8th look).

The ninth look name was taken from maroon5's song "I got the moves like jagger". I only changed jagger to swagger. What? I love that song. Really made me feel wearing the look as the song plays along XD

And my recent looks namely "Everyday is a battle field" and "Blast from the past". Hype it if you like it guys. Hope you all will hehe. :)

More posts in lookbook friends. Visit http://lookbook.nu/noelskie . I'm happy meeting y'all. Gotta go now. I'll fall to slumber few minutes from now. God Bless to all. I'll call it a day. Ciao.


Well, to start with, it's my first time really to do this. First thing I know was I was so into lookbook and the next thing I know was I'm already posting photos in photobucket until I finally made an account of my own for my blogs here where I can post my looks in the mentioned site and things like activities I'm doing or will be doing, places I've been, and so on and so forth.
Believe me or not, I've spent my entire life with work and that I never mind this blogging thing before. My world was--I could say-- a serious one that one never really enjoyed things brought about by blogging or networking. You see, it startled me to find out that through this you will meet people and make friends. Incontrovertibly, I'm super nice and friendly that 'twas very easy for me to mingle/chat and established rapport with my new friends. It helped me also, in terms of personality development for I was shy at first and now I'm not. Believe me, I used to be aloof but with networking and blog posting I made friends. I started my blogs in lookbook and now I'm extending it here. I would want also to post my captured photos here. I love photography. My hobbyness actually (hobby + happiness).

Some of my photography...

Lastly, I would want also to tell you that I just found out recently that it's nice to write. You know, whatever that comes to mind....It's the thing that I developed when I indulged myself to lookbook. Yeah, I really love to write. In fact, I would want to be a writer someday and I believe it's not too late for that. I'm still alive. And as the saying goes, as long as you're breathing...there will always be hope. If it will not come true then at least I tried. Besides, I write here, right? I have my own blog now and I'm writing. And if that's the case, I'm a writer. So that's it for now, 'til next time!