Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! 

The photo below with me carrying the balloons is not my recent look in lookbook. I just love the photo that I wanted to post it here in my blog. =)

About LOOKBOOK, I've decided to post a look wearing red since my birthday is not far-off. It will be on the 8th of November guys! hehe. I called my look "It takes three to tango". Isn't it amazing how red, white and black fit together? It's like they were meant for each other--whatever. One or the two colors can be matched together but the three combined? Just love it....

Actually, I was about to name it "it takes two to tango" for it takes "two" of me to be able to show two looks wearing my Levis stripe polo shirt. You see, you can wear it with or without a black vest. If you aren't wearing a chaleco then wear a bag same that of mine to look hip...I used my converse bag (preferrably black). Oh by the way, the trousers look great folded up.

However, if you have your vest on then you can wear a bonnet--that is if you want to look cute (chuckling...what? I want to look cute all the time) 

With the two given option, wearing what color of the shoes to match whichever look you prefer wearing isn't an issue at all. As long as it's black or white shoes then no problem at all. You see, it should be those colors to match.....Don't wear red shoes--maintain color equilibrim (that's my term for color balancing)....With regards to other accessories, any may do. So that's it for now guys. Happy to have shared another look again. Ciao.