Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bring it on!

So I thought of something hip-hop to post today! Well, "Step Up" crossed my mind that's why. First of all, I love to dance. Humbly speaking, dancing is one of the many talents that I have. I guess I am born artist! So blessed to be talented that is--thanks to my parents' genes. Let's talk about dancing anyway, aside from photography which I am so into, this too is an art that I love doing. An expression of sort wherein feelings or emotions or thoughts maybe are channeled and seen through body movements. With it, ones' culture and tradition is also being pictured out. It can be of beneficial to ones health as well for dancing is an exercise apparently. Well, those are the things I can say 'bout it. I'm a nurse in profession but as a dancer since my feet aren't both left, I fell in love when the said movie was shown in the screen. Yes, I fell in love with the movie! And it made me want to jump-off to where I'm sitting and dance. I mean, the cast are good with what they do especially in dancing. And most of all the love story is very nice that it can amend a broken-heart. I just love the pairing....

As you have notice, I always include my blogs for my looks in lookbook and talks about movies here most of the time. Well, I just want to have one blogspot for my stuff that's why and I love movies.... And if you were a keen observer, I write whatever it is that comes to my mind. And that's what I like for in here I can speak my mind....I just go blah blah blah but still has sense....But I should say that whatever it is that I'm going to write I am making it sure that it has something to do with my post. LOL just being defensive guys!  

Back to our topic, have you seen the movie "Bring it on"? It's about cheer dance, teamwork obviously, love and friendship. I entitled today's post as such because it's kindda "In" when it comes to things that has something to do with dancing or hip-hop....And talking about hip-hop, my latest look by the way says about that. But it's kindda athletic one too because I'm wearing a jogging pants and a sweat shirt. Yet, the pants too baggy that it falls under the category....anyways, as you can see at the left is my look so you could agree with me here.

Oh, I just love my baseball cap! Both the baggy trousers and the sneakers are converse brands by the way. And the athletic apparel sweater is Bossini....

Hope you like it guys. Ciao!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Vampire Rock star Lestat rocks!

As others impersonated superheroes or the like, and I mean created by human minds or exist/existed in real life, I am so fascinated by vampires. Yes, the blood-sucking creature believed to be feared by the people if it did really exist…. Well, it did in movies and stories. Even though my fascination is kind of not same as others and that maybe one will think that of all things I can fancy of…”vampires? Are you serious?” That’s the reaction that’s apt to be expected from people who have heard ‘bout this. Seriously, if they do exist I want to be like this creature. It’s not madness. I’m not out of my mind either. I am hundred percent sane, please. There’s nothing wrong with it if I’m to be asked. I’m saying that not because I’m into it or what. Nor trying to defend myself whatever…. Really, it’s just like believing on a wishing star and wishes something as it passes by the glittering dark sky of the night. And hoping and keeping the faith that the wish will one day come true. I am so allured by the idea of living young forever. Yes! Immortality is already in the package I may say. Moreover, they live a classy and luxurious life even though they live in shadows. But they still are seen if they wanted to. And they do have a choice. So, if I am one I choose to drink animal’s blood or criminals maybe that have no love for humanity and respect for life? Well, if that would be of help….Not, I opt not to. I rather have a sip from a deer’s neck. Now, I sound like the CullensYou know, the movie Twilight, get it? 

But I wanting to be such did not start when Kristen Stewart  (as Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen)  popularized the said movie. It all began when I saw the star-studded 1994 movie "Interview with the vampire" . After watching it, I had the thought of how cool it is to be a vampire. You now, you will be young and beautiful for the rest of your life. Or live forever savouring the life of a wealthy man. How wonderful life would be if I will be like that. Again, I prefer to drink the life of the animals. Stop the thought of the usual thing. I’m different? LOL….It’s like this, if there are omnivores there are also herbivores….I’m like a vegetarian in a supernatural way. LOL…. Then, here came the movie “Queen of the Damn”. If Lestat (the vampire) was not that nice in the 2nd movie mentioned, here he rocks! He’s the good guy. He is very cool and was the coolest rock star created in movies. Forget count Dracula! He’s evil. I am a good guy. I am with the light? LOL was just writing and fooling around guys.  Anyway, what I’m trying to point here is if I would have fangs, I am the coolest and good blood-sucking creature there is. Since that will only happen in dreams or in my imagination then I can be one with cosplay. I know Halloween is too far but animes costume play is being done whenever people feel doing it. Anime convention is done once or twice a year maybe. I mean, what is the difference…. Hence, in my latest look in lookbook I thought of playing the character Lestat. Yes, I am him. The costume was a bit of a challenge though for I’m not in Egypt where accessories of the imagined look are apt to be found. So I looked at whatever is available in the market, combined them, and being creative using my imagination of course to create something Egyptian and ancient….Apparently, I was able to make it. And it turned out stylish, classy, and fantastic.
Lestat inspired look

That's my latest look in lookbook guys. If I were a rock star I would probably wear the Lestat look on stage. It's cool to look at and the more if one will wear it--the look. Yeah, "Lestat" look rocks!!! To the people who still don't have the idea of what or who I am talking about...below is a photo of the vampire rock star Lestat in the third mentioned movie.
Lestat and Akasha
The Accessories completes it all....

I just combined them all to make something ancient and same as that of the Egyptian pharaoh. Just used my imagination and creativity....

I just love the pharoah's necklace (as what I want to call it) around my neck. The gold bracelet is just great for the look. And the ring with black stone is just perfect!

The arm bracelet is a compulsory accessory for Egyptian pharaoh wore them in ancient times. As you can see the necklace give beauty to both the front and back as well....The tattoo is somehow cool for this look--preferably something Egyptian. Mine is a Pharaoh with a dog's head. 

The black silk cloth was also used to have the desired look. And what's cool is that it has a dragon print in it that when worn gives the back view an outstanding look....
I just wore my Lee jeans and my W.Brown leather shoes to get a grip with the modern times. One can also wear a black leather trousers and boots for this look.

So that's it guys, my Lestat inspired look. Hope you like it! Have a nice day and keep rockin' guys. Ciao! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Holidays

I never thought our family would end up like this but what can I say the unexpected things came to happen. T’was a mess apparently but things are okay now compared to those days when it all started…. Same as the others whose fate ended up broken yet ended up fine ironically speaking, we have peace and respect for one another and that’s what matters. Well, here we are now…my mom, my sis and me--only the 3 of us spending the holidays together. My father is with his 2nd family and the rest are having their individual lives. But the thought of having an extended family did not ruined or stop us from having a joyful meaningful holiday season. Since there are only the three of us celebrating, we decided to cook enough delicacies that our stomach can handle. Well, we estimated it as well for we also anticipated visitors to come. It was just enough but we had the great times together same as before. From the preparation to the eating session…we had a blast!

Last December 25, Christmas Eve, we had home-cooked spaghetti and fried chicken cooked by a wonderful chef and that’s me. No kidding, I know how to cook too. My mom trained me-- sort of-- every time there’s a special occasion. And I was an avid fan of my mom when it comes to kitchen stuff so I observed and watched her every time she cooks. So much for history, let’s get back to what this is all about.  My sibling on the other hand, prepared her delicacy the refrigerator cake. It’s a dessert were the layers are divided by graham biscuits and for every layers fruit cocktails were stuffed in it. Not only we had that, we also had  "suman" (local term for rice cake) thanks to my mother’s lady friend. Paella, a Spanish recipe (a recipe composed of rice, meat and other ingredients you can think of to make it pallatable), which at first was claimed by my sister as chowpan (a Chinese recipe) but I told her that what she did was not what she believed it was for she already put boiled eggs on it. Turned out that I’m right and I’m a cook wiz? Haha! Now I’m kidding! We also decided to have ice cream on the table just in case we craved for it. We just love ice cream….
We also had fruits displayed on the table and if you feel like eating you just grab one and have one. We have Coca-Cola for our beverage and red wines--Carlo Rossi and Fortunella. What can I say the celebration isn’t complete without red wine. Cheers guys! 

The celebration continued..... 

New Years Eve came! 2013, the year of the water snake. As usual, we only cooked that is enough for 3 people and for some expected visitors to come....Still, fried chicken, spaghetti, and refrigerator cake was in the table--and the rice cake too. Aside from that, we had pork adobo (cooked by my mom), fruit salad, and pudding too. We had fruits and candies displayed on the table preferably circle in shape fruits for it is believed that anything circle-- same notion is applied to wearing polka-dots clothing and putting coins in your pocket-- will bring money and fortune this new year. It is also believed that negative forces/energy will be driven off when you make loud noises a you welcome the year. That's why we had this fireworks and other noise-creating stuff "blast" our ear drums out as part of the celebration....Some jump high hoping that there will be an increase in height. Crazy belief right? But we do had faith on these things and hope that what we wish for will be acquired this year. 

What can I say, a celebration is not complete without wines. Red wine....anyone? Cheers y'all! We had coca-cola also if you like....

from my family to yours....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

xoxo to all my friends and family! :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Krueger got styled

Even when I was a child I'm fond of watching horror movies. Aside from Jason, one of those scary characters that really scared me to death was Freddy kreuger. In fact, he did haunted my dreams Just kidding. Anyway, Freddy's dead is my 1st favorite horror movie. I've watched all of his movies haunting the people in Elm street and ending his victims' lives with their nightmares...... That's Freddy Kreuger by the way (the photo you're looking at now).

But we always know that bad guys never win and the good always prevail in the end. Well, you'll just end up  terrified or  frightened for that matter when you watch this kinds of films that is. The sound effect helped too in making us want to jump of where we are sitting--hate that when that happens. But still, love watching them....Maybe, I just love scaring myself with this kind of things....I find it entertaining too when my companion who watched with me suddenly screams when unexpected seen suddenly appears. We just laugh at each other afterwards. And even tease each other maybe of how one screamed like a girl...LOL....I don't know why others can't take it. You know of being horrified at times. Now, I tell you, these are the people I love to be with when horror films are being shown. All of you maybe scared but you'll end up enjoying it.....Here's another photo of Freddy.

Maybe you're wondering why am I talking about Freddy here....Well, my new look that I recently posted in lookbook is inspired by this nightmare man. I called the look "Runway on Elm Street". LOL Funny right? I'm born funny (chuckling)....I know you're laughing too but the shirt really reminded me of Kreuger's. Why not? Even this hot chick was inspired by him. Look at this next picture.
see, hottie...right?
I thought of posting a cute and stylish version of Freddy. In my look, I'm wearing a boardwalk black and gray T-shirt. You can pair it with a camouflage or a dark gray short pants. I paired the two to match my pink and black DC skateboard shoes. The black cap is of course present. I didn't wore that sharp thing because it's not appropriate wearing it besides it's not halloween....Found the rocking chair creepy so I put it there. So here's my new look in lookbook.

 Hope y'all like it. Have a nice day. Ciao! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to me! 

The photo below with me carrying the balloons is not my recent look in lookbook. I just love the photo that I wanted to post it here in my blog. =)

About LOOKBOOK, I've decided to post a look wearing red since my birthday is not far-off. It will be on the 8th of November guys! hehe. I called my look "It takes three to tango". Isn't it amazing how red, white and black fit together? It's like they were meant for each other--whatever. One or the two colors can be matched together but the three combined? Just love it....

Actually, I was about to name it "it takes two to tango" for it takes "two" of me to be able to show two looks wearing my Levis stripe polo shirt. You see, you can wear it with or without a black vest. If you aren't wearing a chaleco then wear a bag same that of mine to look hip...I used my converse bag (preferrably black). Oh by the way, the trousers look great folded up.

However, if you have your vest on then you can wear a bonnet--that is if you want to look cute (chuckling...what? I want to look cute all the time) 

With the two given option, wearing what color of the shoes to match whichever look you prefer wearing isn't an issue at all. As long as it's black or white shoes then no problem at all. You see, it should be those colors to match.....Don't wear red shoes--maintain color equilibrim (that's my term for color balancing)....With regards to other accessories, any may do. So that's it for now guys. Happy to have shared another look again. Ciao.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Got addicted with Lookbook

So how did my addiction started? It all began when my sister told me to try it. Yes, those two words "try it". She told me that it's a site where people showcase their individuality and style. And that when people like it, they will hype your look. And you can even send them messages. Also, if they will love your taste of fashion then they will fan you. Moreover,  befriend you....Sounds great so I gave a hell of a try. Turned out that, I loved it. I became a lookbook user thereafter and "lookbooks" perpetually.

My first look was shot in Clark Quay located in Singapore. In fact, it was memorable for after the photoshoot, the CASHCAB (a show seen in AXN Asia) crew ambushed me and my friend with their cameras. Yes, I was seen in TV for the first time. And wearing my first look "record breaker". LOL...Found it funny y'know and still chuckles every time I remember it because I was like I don't know what's going on. That I want to ran but I can't for I'll look more hilarious if I'll do so....Hence, I played it cool. If you have seen it, my answer was Chicago Bulls. You see, the question was what is MJ's team..? After that, I signed a contract consenting them to broadcast the episode. I was hoping that no one sees it but somebody did--my batchmate in college--and the news spread like an epidemic that almost all of my friends knew 'bout it and some saw me on air. Deep inside I was embarassed but it turned out to be cool so I started feeling the other way around. Oh yeah! I was like a celebrity waylaid by paparazzi and reporters. LOL. Here it is guys....

My second look is simple but the hat just made it extra cool hence the name "Making simple things look cool".

The third look "Bringing out the prince in me" and my fourth look "Travel in style" are my favorites because I used my creativity here and that is making something out of something. In fact, 'twas a challenge for me for I'm not a fashion designer. But my imagination of how I should look like wearing those helped me. Making an old and unused clothes to something that is trendy and classy....Not only that, it's something that I can brag of as a Filipino for I'm wearing a Barong Tagalog. It's not to disgrace my culture rather to wear it with style and elegance.

Urban max is the name of my fifth look. It's quite cool actually. Love the polo coz of the hood.

Then, I got too busy to pose LOL...Instead, I posted "old-brand-new-taken" photos: Name it classy but spell it classy (sixth look), Flaunty pose while it's summer (7th look), and Apollo13s camouflage: Fly me to the moon (8th look).

The ninth look name was taken from maroon5's song "I got the moves like jagger". I only changed jagger to swagger. What? I love that song. Really made me feel wearing the look as the song plays along XD

And my recent looks namely "Everyday is a battle field" and "Blast from the past". Hype it if you like it guys. Hope you all will hehe. :)

More posts in lookbook friends. Visit . I'm happy meeting y'all. Gotta go now. I'll fall to slumber few minutes from now. God Bless to all. I'll call it a day. Ciao.


Well, to start with, it's my first time really to do this. First thing I know was I was so into lookbook and the next thing I know was I'm already posting photos in photobucket until I finally made an account of my own for my blogs here where I can post my looks in the mentioned site and things like activities I'm doing or will be doing, places I've been, and so on and so forth.
Believe me or not, I've spent my entire life with work and that I never mind this blogging thing before. My world was--I could say-- a serious one that one never really enjoyed things brought about by blogging or networking. You see, it startled me to find out that through this you will meet people and make friends. Incontrovertibly, I'm super nice and friendly that 'twas very easy for me to mingle/chat and established rapport with my new friends. It helped me also, in terms of personality development for I was shy at first and now I'm not. Believe me, I used to be aloof but with networking and blog posting I made friends. I started my blogs in lookbook and now I'm extending it here. I would want also to post my captured photos here. I love photography. My hobbyness actually (hobby + happiness).

Some of my photography...

Lastly, I would want also to tell you that I just found out recently that it's nice to write. You know, whatever that comes to mind....It's the thing that I developed when I indulged myself to lookbook. Yeah, I really love to write. In fact, I would want to be a writer someday and I believe it's not too late for that. I'm still alive. And as the saying goes, as long as you're breathing...there will always be hope. If it will not come true then at least I tried. Besides, I write here, right? I have my own blog now and I'm writing. And if that's the case, I'm a writer. So that's it for now, 'til next time!