Saturday, December 8, 2012

Krueger got styled

Even when I was a child I'm fond of watching horror movies. Aside from Jason, one of those scary characters that really scared me to death was Freddy kreuger. In fact, he did haunted my dreams Just kidding. Anyway, Freddy's dead is my 1st favorite horror movie. I've watched all of his movies haunting the people in Elm street and ending his victims' lives with their nightmares...... That's Freddy Kreuger by the way (the photo you're looking at now).

But we always know that bad guys never win and the good always prevail in the end. Well, you'll just end up  terrified or  frightened for that matter when you watch this kinds of films that is. The sound effect helped too in making us want to jump of where we are sitting--hate that when that happens. But still, love watching them....Maybe, I just love scaring myself with this kind of things....I find it entertaining too when my companion who watched with me suddenly screams when unexpected seen suddenly appears. We just laugh at each other afterwards. And even tease each other maybe of how one screamed like a girl...LOL....I don't know why others can't take it. You know of being horrified at times. Now, I tell you, these are the people I love to be with when horror films are being shown. All of you maybe scared but you'll end up enjoying it.....Here's another photo of Freddy.

Maybe you're wondering why am I talking about Freddy here....Well, my new look that I recently posted in lookbook is inspired by this nightmare man. I called the look "Runway on Elm Street". LOL Funny right? I'm born funny (chuckling)....I know you're laughing too but the shirt really reminded me of Kreuger's. Why not? Even this hot chick was inspired by him. Look at this next picture.
see, hottie...right?
I thought of posting a cute and stylish version of Freddy. In my look, I'm wearing a boardwalk black and gray T-shirt. You can pair it with a camouflage or a dark gray short pants. I paired the two to match my pink and black DC skateboard shoes. The black cap is of course present. I didn't wore that sharp thing because it's not appropriate wearing it besides it's not halloween....Found the rocking chair creepy so I put it there. So here's my new look in lookbook.

 Hope y'all like it. Have a nice day. Ciao! 

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