Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Holidays

I never thought our family would end up like this but what can I say the unexpected things came to happen. T’was a mess apparently but things are okay now compared to those days when it all started…. Same as the others whose fate ended up broken yet ended up fine ironically speaking, we have peace and respect for one another and that’s what matters. Well, here we are now…my mom, my sis and me--only the 3 of us spending the holidays together. My father is with his 2nd family and the rest are having their individual lives. But the thought of having an extended family did not ruined or stop us from having a joyful meaningful holiday season. Since there are only the three of us celebrating, we decided to cook enough delicacies that our stomach can handle. Well, we estimated it as well for we also anticipated visitors to come. It was just enough but we had the great times together same as before. From the preparation to the eating session…we had a blast!

Last December 25, Christmas Eve, we had home-cooked spaghetti and fried chicken cooked by a wonderful chef and that’s me. No kidding, I know how to cook too. My mom trained me-- sort of-- every time there’s a special occasion. And I was an avid fan of my mom when it comes to kitchen stuff so I observed and watched her every time she cooks. So much for history, let’s get back to what this is all about.  My sibling on the other hand, prepared her delicacy the refrigerator cake. It’s a dessert were the layers are divided by graham biscuits and for every layers fruit cocktails were stuffed in it. Not only we had that, we also had  "suman" (local term for rice cake) thanks to my mother’s lady friend. Paella, a Spanish recipe (a recipe composed of rice, meat and other ingredients you can think of to make it pallatable), which at first was claimed by my sister as chowpan (a Chinese recipe) but I told her that what she did was not what she believed it was for she already put boiled eggs on it. Turned out that I’m right and I’m a cook wiz? Haha! Now I’m kidding! We also decided to have ice cream on the table just in case we craved for it. We just love ice cream….
We also had fruits displayed on the table and if you feel like eating you just grab one and have one. We have Coca-Cola for our beverage and red wines--Carlo Rossi and Fortunella. What can I say the celebration isn’t complete without red wine. Cheers guys! 

The celebration continued..... 

New Years Eve came! 2013, the year of the water snake. As usual, we only cooked that is enough for 3 people and for some expected visitors to come....Still, fried chicken, spaghetti, and refrigerator cake was in the table--and the rice cake too. Aside from that, we had pork adobo (cooked by my mom), fruit salad, and pudding too. We had fruits and candies displayed on the table preferably circle in shape fruits for it is believed that anything circle-- same notion is applied to wearing polka-dots clothing and putting coins in your pocket-- will bring money and fortune this new year. It is also believed that negative forces/energy will be driven off when you make loud noises a you welcome the year. That's why we had this fireworks and other noise-creating stuff "blast" our ear drums out as part of the celebration....Some jump high hoping that there will be an increase in height. Crazy belief right? But we do had faith on these things and hope that what we wish for will be acquired this year. 

What can I say, a celebration is not complete without wines. Red wine....anyone? Cheers y'all! We had coca-cola also if you like....

from my family to yours....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

xoxo to all my friends and family! :)

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