Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bring it on!

So I thought of something hip-hop to post today! Well, "Step Up" crossed my mind that's why. First of all, I love to dance. Humbly speaking, dancing is one of the many talents that I have. I guess I am born artist! So blessed to be talented that is--thanks to my parents' genes. Let's talk about dancing anyway, aside from photography which I am so into, this too is an art that I love doing. An expression of sort wherein feelings or emotions or thoughts maybe are channeled and seen through body movements. With it, ones' culture and tradition is also being pictured out. It can be of beneficial to ones health as well for dancing is an exercise apparently. Well, those are the things I can say 'bout it. I'm a nurse in profession but as a dancer since my feet aren't both left, I fell in love when the said movie was shown in the screen. Yes, I fell in love with the movie! And it made me want to jump-off to where I'm sitting and dance. I mean, the cast are good with what they do especially in dancing. And most of all the love story is very nice that it can amend a broken-heart. I just love the pairing....

As you have notice, I always include my blogs for my looks in lookbook and talks about movies here most of the time. Well, I just want to have one blogspot for my stuff that's why and I love movies.... And if you were a keen observer, I write whatever it is that comes to my mind. And that's what I like for in here I can speak my mind....I just go blah blah blah but still has sense....But I should say that whatever it is that I'm going to write I am making it sure that it has something to do with my post. LOL just being defensive guys!  

Back to our topic, have you seen the movie "Bring it on"? It's about cheer dance, teamwork obviously, love and friendship. I entitled today's post as such because it's kindda "In" when it comes to things that has something to do with dancing or hip-hop....And talking about hip-hop, my latest look by the way says about that. But it's kindda athletic one too because I'm wearing a jogging pants and a sweat shirt. Yet, the pants too baggy that it falls under the category....anyways, as you can see at the left is my look so you could agree with me here.

Oh, I just love my baseball cap! Both the baggy trousers and the sneakers are converse brands by the way. And the athletic apparel sweater is Bossini....

Hope you like it guys. Ciao!

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