Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Vampire Rock star Lestat rocks!

As others impersonated superheroes or the like, and I mean created by human minds or exist/existed in real life, I am so fascinated by vampires. Yes, the blood-sucking creature believed to be feared by the people if it did really exist…. Well, it did in movies and stories. Even though my fascination is kind of not same as others and that maybe one will think that of all things I can fancy of…”vampires? Are you serious?” That’s the reaction that’s apt to be expected from people who have heard ‘bout this. Seriously, if they do exist I want to be like this creature. It’s not madness. I’m not out of my mind either. I am hundred percent sane, please. There’s nothing wrong with it if I’m to be asked. I’m saying that not because I’m into it or what. Nor trying to defend myself whatever…. Really, it’s just like believing on a wishing star and wishes something as it passes by the glittering dark sky of the night. And hoping and keeping the faith that the wish will one day come true. I am so allured by the idea of living young forever. Yes! Immortality is already in the package I may say. Moreover, they live a classy and luxurious life even though they live in shadows. But they still are seen if they wanted to. And they do have a choice. So, if I am one I choose to drink animal’s blood or criminals maybe that have no love for humanity and respect for life? Well, if that would be of help….Not, I opt not to. I rather have a sip from a deer’s neck. Now, I sound like the CullensYou know, the movie Twilight, get it? 

But I wanting to be such did not start when Kristen Stewart  (as Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen)  popularized the said movie. It all began when I saw the star-studded 1994 movie "Interview with the vampire" . After watching it, I had the thought of how cool it is to be a vampire. You now, you will be young and beautiful for the rest of your life. Or live forever savouring the life of a wealthy man. How wonderful life would be if I will be like that. Again, I prefer to drink the life of the animals. Stop the thought of the usual thing. I’m different? LOL….It’s like this, if there are omnivores there are also herbivores….I’m like a vegetarian in a supernatural way. LOL…. Then, here came the movie “Queen of the Damn”. If Lestat (the vampire) was not that nice in the 2nd movie mentioned, here he rocks! He’s the good guy. He is very cool and was the coolest rock star created in movies. Forget count Dracula! He’s evil. I am a good guy. I am with the light? LOL was just writing and fooling around guys.  Anyway, what I’m trying to point here is if I would have fangs, I am the coolest and good blood-sucking creature there is. Since that will only happen in dreams or in my imagination then I can be one with cosplay. I know Halloween is too far but animes costume play is being done whenever people feel doing it. Anime convention is done once or twice a year maybe. I mean, what is the difference…. Hence, in my latest look in lookbook I thought of playing the character Lestat. Yes, I am him. The costume was a bit of a challenge though for I’m not in Egypt where accessories of the imagined look are apt to be found. So I looked at whatever is available in the market, combined them, and being creative using my imagination of course to create something Egyptian and ancient….Apparently, I was able to make it. And it turned out stylish, classy, and fantastic.
Lestat inspired look

That's my latest look in lookbook guys. If I were a rock star I would probably wear the Lestat look on stage. It's cool to look at and the more if one will wear it--the look. Yeah, "Lestat" look rocks!!! To the people who still don't have the idea of what or who I am talking about...below is a photo of the vampire rock star Lestat in the third mentioned movie.
Lestat and Akasha
The Accessories completes it all....

I just combined them all to make something ancient and same as that of the Egyptian pharaoh. Just used my imagination and creativity....

I just love the pharoah's necklace (as what I want to call it) around my neck. The gold bracelet is just great for the look. And the ring with black stone is just perfect!

The arm bracelet is a compulsory accessory for Egyptian pharaoh wore them in ancient times. As you can see the necklace give beauty to both the front and back as well....The tattoo is somehow cool for this look--preferably something Egyptian. Mine is a Pharaoh with a dog's head. 

The black silk cloth was also used to have the desired look. And what's cool is that it has a dragon print in it that when worn gives the back view an outstanding look....
I just wore my Lee jeans and my W.Brown leather shoes to get a grip with the modern times. One can also wear a black leather trousers and boots for this look.

So that's it guys, my Lestat inspired look. Hope you like it! Have a nice day and keep rockin' guys. Ciao! :)

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